13 years ago: a leap of faith

08.01.17 | KDI Team

For the past thirteen years, KDI has been making a genuine impact in the Commercial Interior Design and Furnishings World not only locally but across the country.  The team has grown to 18 Interior Designers, Project Coordinators, and Account Executives excelling in commercial, senior living, healthcare and hospitality markets.  From concept to reality, KDI was driven by passion, determination and a desire to create a family owned company, dedicated to doing the “right thing” for its clients and employees.

Q: Tell me a little about what drove you to start your own business.

Kit:  I had been working for a similar design driven commercial furniture dealership for 17 years and had recognized the importance of listening to my clients and cherishing those long-standing relationships.  Jan had been a manufacturer’s rep in the commercial furniture industry.  We both decided that our goal of truly partnering with clients and delivering their vision thru an environment both beautiful and functional was worth the leap of faith, and decided we had the experience, ethics, morals to create something wonderful for a team, and potential clients.

Q: What was your biggest obstacle when you first decided to start your own business?

Kit and Jan:  We are both very passionate about KDI and in the beginning we often made decisions with our hearts more than anything, however always with the best interest of the company, and our team.  Over time that impulse has been tempered yet guided by our hearts (and gut), evaluating our decisions analytically and emotionally.

Q: If you knew everything you know today, what would you have done differently?

Kit:  I have to say, not much.  Our philosophy was one of growing a strong infrastructure and team before branching out and seeking new opportunities.  We were extremely blessed to have many clients support our new business in the early days, and with that support, we were able to create a team of strong professionals capable of servicing those clients and new once our sales staff was solidified.

Q: What has been your single greatest joy from all of this?

Kit and Jan:  Pride.  Abundant Pride.  They say that good things will come to people who care, and have a steadfast will to always do the “right thing”.  I’m not counting material things as the “good things” that have come, rather….our team which makes me extremely proud each and every day.  The company culture that we have developed and nurtured over the years, is one that attracts our clients, whom I cherish greatly as our partners.  Our ability to give back to our community and charities is a blessing, supporting our goal of always making a difference.


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