Eclectic Design in your Space?

09.22.17 | Design Trends


Do you often gravitate to a diverse variety of styles when choosing furniture or accessories for your space?  Do you find yourself “diggin’” a sleek midcentury modern chair and the next day falling in love with a shabby chic bench?  Do you love finding a great DIY project and turning it into your home’s newest unique accessory like finding traditional items and discovering a new use for them?  If you answered yes to any of these questions and you like to think outside the box, you are not alone! If you would say “matchy-matchy” just doesn’t fit your personality, or maybe you’re not afraid to be an innovator and do things a little differently…..keep reading, maybe you will find a new love for eclectic design too!


According to the Greek origin, eclecticism derives ideas, styles or tastes from a broad range of sources and styles.  The idea of eclecticism embraces the combination of significant styles from different time periods and origins creating singular harmony.  One example of this in my house is my “weird art wall”.  I have collected art through my travels and experiences that relate to all types of different decades, regional areas and artists, and although each piece has a different personality…. when combined you see one very awesome art collage!  Tip: if you are just starting to hang your art lay your collage out on the floor first and keep arranging it until you find a layout you love!








My passion for eclecticism comes from my design background and love of Architectural History class in college where I learned to appreciate all the different architectural styles and time periods throughout history.  However, as most typical millennials, I am on a budget, and great news everyone, you can shop for eclectic furniture and accessories at your local Good Will or favorite thrift shop!  Sometimes you just never know what new project you will find or unique accessory that no one else has! It’s a great way to bring your budget down if you really want that amazing item from a rather pricey source!  Also, eclectic pieces are often great conversation starters. I love to have a story behind the items in my projects and home to share with friends and family.

Tip: make a space your own by placing some sentimental elements from your life experiences somewhere throughout your space, even if it is small, after all it is for you to enjoy!

Lauren’s Top TIPS FOR APPLYING Eclectic Design TO YOUR SPACE:

  1. Always keep scale and proportion in mind! This is the most important piece of advice I can give you, scale and proportion are the two things that will make or break your space.  They are the determining factor to whether or not the space has overall harmony.  So, remember, you can keep it diverse but keep your scale and proportion in check!
  2. If you love it, it will probably work. People always ask me, “how did you think that was going to look good, I would never have bought that but you pulled it off!”  I always say the same thing, “because I like it!” Guess what, your tastes will typically coordinate!
  3. Contrast is ok!  Contrast is one of the greatest things you can do to give depth to your space, so take a risk and put a blue chair on a white rug!
  4. It’s okay to mix finishes and textures just make sure you have a nice balance of materials throughout the space.



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