First Impressions are Everything!

10.03.17 | Design Trends

An initial impression is one you cannot retract.  That feeling when entering an office is one that is invaluable. You have hired the right people to ensure that everyone who enters receives a warm welcome, but can the space itself do more than even the cheeriest of receptionists?

It’s all about the design, the details.  Furnishings and environmental design can affect employee happiness and ultimately attract or deter clients from the moment they step through the door.

A few helpful hints from Jessie Sappington, a Senior Interior Designer at KDI follow, on welcoming clients and employees into a space they just may not leave!

  • Proper lighting is key; the lobby should be well lit to be inviting with no ominous dark areas, while also avoiding lighting hot spots and glare.
  • Since the lobby is a place where the public waits,  provide them with an intricate wall sculpture or soothing water feature to entertain while waiting.
  • If the lobby is closed off from the rest of the space, having an interesting wall graphic start within the lobby that visually carries through the door into the rest of the space is a very simple way to create intrigue.
  • Furniture plays an important role, it should be stylish and very durable, with a firm structure to provide short-term comfort but not suggesting a person to lounge for an extended stay.

Check out a few recent lobby photos from KDI projects:


Aurora Public Library’s grand entrance was furnished with low back, eclectic seating that didn’t detract from the beautiful design of the building, rather enhances and brings comfort to the expansive space.




Unlike most medical offices, The Derm in Glenview’s lobby offers a clean feeling with beautiful textures and colors, appealing to the eye as soon as you walk in






Sun City Del Webb is known for the comfort and convenience they bring the active senior living community. Their front entrance does just that. A warm fireplace and various seating options make one feel right at home.



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