Land of the Free

05.26.17 | Events


KDI thanks all United States Veterans and current Military Members. On this Memorial Day weekend, we personally are remembering and thanking the following family and friends who remind us that we are free because of them, the brave.

Laurence DeWitt (Jan’s father, Kit’s father-in-law, Ginny’s grandfather) was a Navy Chief Petty Officer who served for 21 years including time in the Pacific Theater WWII and Korean war. Laurence was a steadfast proponent of peace, but loved his country enough to fight for freedom.

Sergeant Steven Styburski ( Friend of Ashley, Ginny, and Ally), is currently on his second tour in Afghanistan. A true American, “Ski” follows his Mother, a specialist, and father, a Staff Sergeant, who have served the US military for over 20 years. We look forward to welcoming him back home.

Speaking of families in the military, Brother and Sister, Lloyd and Virginia Marker (Megan’s grandfather and great aunt) have quite the family story. With five siblings in the Marker Clan, all five went to WWII for the US Navy. Three family members even survived the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A newcomer to the United States Military, Fletcher Bjornstrom ( Megan’s Step Son)  at 20 years old just entered Army Basic training at Fort Benning, GA after two years of ROTC at the University of Missouri.

Bob Aye ( Lays’ Father in Law) Served as Private First Class Scout Sniper in the United States  Marine Corps during the Vietnam War as 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry from 1969-1976. Bob, as a proud America, returned home after being wounded in the line of duty  and continued his service as a police officer.

Lieutenant Commander John Kajmowicz ( Kathy’s Brother) has been serving in the United States Navy since 2001. Not only has he served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, John is currently serving with NATO in Italy.

Staff Sergeant Eric Rundquist ( Kari’s Cousin ) has served for over 10 years in the US Army. Eric has completed four tours including three in Iraq and is currently stationed overseas. He recently earned the Expert Infantry Badge.

Henry Reffel, William John Fitzpatrick and Ralph Henry Sompolksi have more than a military background in common. They are all related to KDI Interior Designer, Jennifer Holm. Henry Reffel (Great Grandfather to Jennifer) served four years in the Army during WWII. William John Fitzpatrick (Grandfather to Jennifer) also served four years during WWII in the coast guard, later serving as part of the Boston Police Force. Ralph Henry Somploski (Grandfather to Jennifer) served two years in the US Army and went on to become an Architect for a firm in Chicago.

Darryl Allen (Sarah’s father in law)  Served in the US Army as infantry, stationed in Berlin. Now, he enjoys his time spent with his 3 favorite gals, his granddaughters. (Sarah’s Children)

Please join us in saying…..THANK YOU!  We honor all who serve our country and protect our freedom!



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