Let’s work together! Designing a generation- neutral office

08.08.17 | Design Trends

Designing a physical space that encourages efficiency and profitability across a multiple generational workforce is a challenge for many offices of today.

There are four generations working together in the current work force:

Traditionalists – born prior to 1946 – approx 5%

Baby Boomers – born between 1946-1964 – approx 20%

Generation X – born between 1965-1980 – approx 40%

Generation Y – born between 1981-2001 (Millennials) – approx 35%

Generation Z – born between 2002-Present – Not yet represented in current corporate work force

 Generalizations of work styles:


  • Wired to work hard in a hierarchical and formal way by working their way up the corporate ladder to “get that Corner Office someday”.
  • May favor more traditional and static training methods like PowerPoint presentations and hard books.
  • May prefer to communicate by phone or in person instead of through email or texts.


  • Typically, do not work well under rigid management structure. Private Offices are no longer a requirement per specific job titles.
  • Prefer open collaborations that allow employees to share information, feedback, and for everybody to contribute to decision-making.
  • Need spaces that incorporate personal and company provided technologies.

Three (of many) ways to incorporate the needs of different generations into the design for a space:



Personalization helps employees physically show their mark within the office. Providing tack boards, storage shelves, or marker boards lends a personal touch, employees creating a space of their own.





Accommodate different learning styles within same office . Different people, regardless of generation, work differently, learn differently. Quiet zones should be as abundant as Open Office Collaboration Zones.





Provide closed meeting spaces that adapt to varying presentation requirements. Offer meeting spaces accommodating PowerPoint Presentations for one meeting, and  collaborative brainstorming for the next.




Anticipating future changes Gen Z will bring to office environments:

College environments are becoming more collaborative, hence increasing Gen Z’s expectations for the same collaboration to be apparent in their work environments.

  • Technology will need to be integrated even more into spaces.
  • User flexibility to physically adapt their environments to meet constant changing needs will become a necessity.

KDI knows firsthand how to design generation-neutral spaces that allow new and existing talent to thrive in their work environment, which will end up proving to be more profitable and efficient for the company they represent.

Let us help you create a more generation-neutral space for you and your employees, call a KDI Account Executive today!






**Note: All information regarding the four different generations mentioned in blog post are a compilation of several sources.

**Note: Generalizations of work styles per the different generations need to be confirmed per client through programming to be able to consider specific needs.


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