New Year, New Design

01.03.18 | Design Trends

Written By: Ashley Keller

With mobile technology affecting the workforce and workplace today, it’s important for those of us in the design world to acknowledge, and adapt our plans as well. Employees are working longer hours, keeping them away from their homes and families. How do we adapt the “office” to offer employees the sanctuary and relaxing feel that only home can provide?

With a new year, and fresh minds, we offer a few tricks to help employees work together and collaborate, in fresh environments that offer comfort.

COMFORT: There is no denying that comfort can help or hinder your productivity in the office.  Uncomfortable and it is hard to focus. Too comfortable, and you may feel inclined to take a catnap. Manufacturers have stepped up and provided options to make you cozy and concentrated, giving you the best of both worlds.

COLOR: Depending on the purpose of your space, color can energize a room, giving way to collaboration. Color can also relax a team, giving them a sense of calm and relief. Bright colors in the KDI design studio make the space motivating to our team and welcoming to our visitors.  On the other end of the spectrum, in a doctor’s office or space where tensions may be high, calming blues, greys, and creams may be used for a soothing sense.


Soft Blue Hues against a neutral backdrop give The Gardens at Park Pointe a serene calmness.




Here at the KDI Studio, bright colors keep us energized and ready for collaboration.


SPACE: Office layouts bring flow and comfort to a space.  Whether an open concept or private office environment, your space should have the ability to either bring solitude or aid in working with others.

Check out a few of our favorite examples of New Trends for the New Year!

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